Sunday, December 7, 2014

Technology and Teaching

     I  have learned from my Technology class news ways to learn about things.  I have always learned through workshops and lectures given in my district, rarely (besides my college classes) have I bothered to learn anything on my own for teaching.  I have discovered and it is amazing.  I can type in a topic, such as coding (that is so foreign to me) and learn about it from Mitch Resnick in his "Let's Teach Kids to Code" talk Jan. 2013.  I found him very interesting and he made coding seem doable to me.  Hearing him speak and feeling his passion inspired me to find out more about this topic, rarely does that happen at a workshop at school.  I learned about kids being "fluent with new technology" and how important it is for them to learn.  Technology gave me the ability to see and hear him on-line, it was awesome and I learned!
     Another way I have used technology more this fall was that I signed up to receive e-mails linked to articles from Education Week and ASCD.  To my surprise I have read a lot of the articles that keep me up to date with others educators who teach my grade level.  Not only are there articles but webinars as well.  I watched one in October called "Building Ed-Tech Strategies for the Pre-K-5 crowd.  It was cool to watch and learn from others, especially in an area I am weak in.  A few of the articles I read were about: common-core tests, STEM & Art and Kindergartners Benefit "Tools of the Mind".  I never would have read these articles in a magazine but they were e-mailed and right on my computer-easy to read!
     I tried Twitter but was comfortable using it.  I have gotten into the habit of writing down names of people I hear that are associated with a certain subject to google or follow their blog if they have one.
An example of a person blog's I have been reading is:  She writes about early childhood and technology, which is an interest of mine.
     I use to be afraid of technology but I have learned that the only way to learn technology is to use it!  The ability to learn from others on the computer is new to me.  This spring I will be taking a semester off due money issues (2 kids in college).  I will use the computer to keep on learning, webinars, going to and learning how to use ScratchJr. in my KDG is my goal!

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