Wednesday, November 12, 2014

iPads and Kindergarten

       There are 20 brand new iPads in my Kindergarten class that I share with 3 other kindergarten classes.  The teachers were given the ipads but no direction or curriculum to use with them. As of today the iPads have been used 3 times.  I could go into a long blog complaining about the district and the administrators but I hate when teachers di that in the staff room so I won't do that here. Another teacher and I have been researching how to use them with our class, which is truly a learning experience as I am new to iPads myself and feel that I am learning along with my students.  I googled iPads and kindergarten and found a great video/article by Krsiti Meeuwse and the benefits of iPads.  She too was given an iPads for her class with no direction and loves them.  She talked about iBooks Author, which is a free download for your MAC and perfect for kindergarten age.  The app is used to create books by the children on the iPad, they are interactive, fun to make and involve the children in the creation.  She then uses the books the class creates to help teach reading, she takes the same story and creates different levels for the children to read. For the best 2 years she has 100% of her class going into 1st grade at above grade level, as opposed to the 35% the past few years.  Ms. Meeuwse credits the ibooks Author for this positive impact.  She also states how the standards are being met by creating the books.  I liked how she said to start simple with the books,, play around and explore, as well as let the students help teach with the iPads.  I am still struggling with suing technology in my class but I am inspired when I hear of stories like Ms. Meeuwse and the success she has had with iPads.

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