Sunday, October 19, 2014

Helping Ourselves & Other Teachers w/ Tech.

      Just say the word computer to me and my body starts to stiffen up.  Technology use to intimadate me as I was clueless how to use it in my classroom with my students, but I have learned that I needed to have knowledge about it before I could use it in my lessons.  I have to keep learning with my students, different topics but still learning.  I know many teachers who felt (and still feel) this why about technology, it's too scary or we never needed it before to teach. The following article I read on-line would be perfect for teachers nervous about technology. The article  by Jeannie Magiera(I recognized her name from my class' threaded discussion),  was short and simple called: "Fighting Teacher Isolation with Technology". This article describes how technology can help teachers learn from other teachers, all over the globe.
     We encourage our students to learn from each other, here are 4 ways that teachers can learn from each other.  Twitter gives information in bite-sized pieces and can be used to learn more information about a certain subject, #iPadsED. was given as an example.  Need to talk to others about your kindergarten class, Mondays at 8:00pm ET at #KinderChat there is a discussion.  The second way was Google Hangouts which is a video-conferencing platform to discuss certain topics.  The third use of technology was Pinterest, which Jeannie said was "visiting" other classrooms to get ideas.  The fourth use was CTQ Collaboratory (Center for Teaching Quality's Collaboratory)- a virtual community for educators to share and learn from one another.
     I plan on leaving copies of this article in the teacher's room as I feel it shares a lot of helpful information about technology in a user friendly way. I like how the article was built on the idea of teachers helping each other through technology.

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