Monday, October 13, 2014

Assessing Kindergarteners

Assessment time in kindergarten is a stressful time!  My district is piloting a new assessment program for KDG, GOLD assessment program.  It involves a lot of training and technology and time!  Most of the time there are glitches in our i-pads and smart boards that cause the assessments and teaching to be put on hold. Students are left in their centers to play while how to do the assessments are figured out.   I see that while trying to get the technology to "work" the class is not being taught or assessed for much of the time.  I read an article called "Joyful Learning and Assessment in Kindergarten ( the link is below) and it restored my faith in how assessments and teaching can happen at the same time.  The used the example of AB patterning and how to use teaching and learning as a way to assess, the students learn and the teachers are observing and adjusting their teaching as needed. The pressure with the new assessment being used in my class is that we as teachers must cover every area listed, another check list in the classroom to do. Assessments I feel are really to be used to help the educational decision making in the class about what needs to be taught.  Much time is spent getting the right video on the i-pad and we are missing that "Jacob" can't write his name or the letter "J", yet I spend 20 minutes outside getting pictures of them being social.  Yes it does feel like "teaching to the test" even at this young age.

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