Sunday, October 19, 2014

Helping Ourselves & Other Teachers w/ Tech.

      Just say the word computer to me and my body starts to stiffen up.  Technology use to intimadate me as I was clueless how to use it in my classroom with my students, but I have learned that I needed to have knowledge about it before I could use it in my lessons.  I have to keep learning with my students, different topics but still learning.  I know many teachers who felt (and still feel) this why about technology, it's too scary or we never needed it before to teach. The following article I read on-line would be perfect for teachers nervous about technology. The article  by Jeannie Magiera(I recognized her name from my class' threaded discussion),  was short and simple called: "Fighting Teacher Isolation with Technology". This article describes how technology can help teachers learn from other teachers, all over the globe.
     We encourage our students to learn from each other, here are 4 ways that teachers can learn from each other.  Twitter gives information in bite-sized pieces and can be used to learn more information about a certain subject, #iPadsED. was given as an example.  Need to talk to others about your kindergarten class, Mondays at 8:00pm ET at #KinderChat there is a discussion.  The second way was Google Hangouts which is a video-conferencing platform to discuss certain topics.  The third use of technology was Pinterest, which Jeannie said was "visiting" other classrooms to get ideas.  The fourth use was CTQ Collaboratory (Center for Teaching Quality's Collaboratory)- a virtual community for educators to share and learn from one another.
     I plan on leaving copies of this article in the teacher's room as I feel it shares a lot of helpful information about technology in a user friendly way. I like how the article was built on the idea of teachers helping each other through technology.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Assessing Kindergarteners

Assessment time in kindergarten is a stressful time!  My district is piloting a new assessment program for KDG, GOLD assessment program.  It involves a lot of training and technology and time!  Most of the time there are glitches in our i-pads and smart boards that cause the assessments and teaching to be put on hold. Students are left in their centers to play while how to do the assessments are figured out.   I see that while trying to get the technology to "work" the class is not being taught or assessed for much of the time.  I read an article called "Joyful Learning and Assessment in Kindergarten ( the link is below) and it restored my faith in how assessments and teaching can happen at the same time.  The used the example of AB patterning and how to use teaching and learning as a way to assess, the students learn and the teachers are observing and adjusting their teaching as needed. The pressure with the new assessment being used in my class is that we as teachers must cover every area listed, another check list in the classroom to do. Assessments I feel are really to be used to help the educational decision making in the class about what needs to be taught.  Much time is spent getting the right video on the i-pad and we are missing that "Jacob" can't write his name or the letter "J", yet I spend 20 minutes outside getting pictures of them being social.  Yes it does feel like "teaching to the test" even at this young age.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Child's World

The book I would recommend for all teachers to read is "The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism by Naoki Higashida.  It is a great book of how an autistic child sees the world and how the live in it.  This book made me realize how hard it must be for any child who is different or that has a disability, to "fit in" with our world.  Imagine if we had to fit into their world.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Zombies in the Classroom???

     I am taking 3 classes this semester at Caldwell, I also teach Kindergarten (general ed.).  I was very upset in a class this week when another Caldwell student kept referring to his high school class of students as zombies, because they were not motivated to learn.  Perhaps I thought, because I am a parent of a 10 year old autistic son (who goes to a school out of district) I am a little too sensitive to people calling children with special needs names.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that this bothered me so much because I am a teacher!  How dare a teacher of a special needs class (or any class) refer to their students by a cruel name.  I tried to play devil's advocate and think that maybe college class is the place to let off steam and know "I didn't really mean it".  This reminds me why I stay out of the teacher's room at lunch time, negative and gossipy remarks about students are wrong. The person in my class said it 4 times!!  I can't help but think this must reflect in his communication and teaching with his students.
     I am sure my son was well talked about and maybe even called a few "pet" names when he attended general ed. classes-he was a handful I know.   As educators I believe that we should never degrade our students, even if they "can't hear me".